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Zannon Press goes live with it's smoking support website featuring it's Quit Smoking System

"Easy Quit Now" 08/29/07

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Easy Quit Now: The easy way to quit smoking.
Home of the remarkably easy quit smoking system known as Easy Quit Now. If you are a smoker and have ever tried to quit and failed, this system is  for you. We offer a how to stop smoking E-Book, how to quit smoking digital Mp3 files, the Easy Quit Now paperback book, and an E-Mail smoking cessation system by Coach Quit. You will get all of these valuable aids for the same low price! Sign-up for Free Newsletter for Motivation and Information Here

But more importantly you are going to learn exactly how to quit smoking cigarettes. Once you understand how to quit smoking, you will be able to implement it at any time. You can quit at your convenience.

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The system is based upon these important principals:
  • Slowly lower your nicotine levels until they are nearly non-existent
  • Learn how to put-off smoking, thereby breaking the if then habit
  • Discover which cigarettes you really need to smoke, discard the others
  • Learn to put cigarettes out early, therefore lowering nicotine levels
  • Never ever create a "Quit Date", if you do it will always be on your mind
  • Allow your body and mind to function at lower and lower levels of nicotine
  • Discover the smoking triggers that make it difficult to say no
  • Learn your own habits, how, when and why you smoke when you do
  • You begin to see actual results, and this builds true confidence
  • You will be smoking every day of the quit process, it will help you quit
  • You should never feel deprived of anything, no anxiety or withdrawals
  • You will begin to think like a non-smoker
  • Instead of finding times to smoke, your mind will help you avoid smoking
  • We show you exactly how to keep from gaining weight
  • This is a system you can enjoy doing, as you see results your confidence builds

So, with all of this, plus daily emails reminding to stay on track, and boosting your confidence how can you possibly fail? Many people will quit the first time, but this is a system that anyone can do and it is very powerful. If you for any reason don't quit or later become a smoker again. Just save the emails, and re-read them each day, and read the E-Book again. This is something that will work, just do it and reap the healthy rewards that await you.

With the Coach Quit System you will receive:

  • E-Book Easy Quit Now: The easy way to quit smoking, Zannon Press
  • 30 Day email support which includes exactly what to do each day
  • Audio Mp3 files that will explain how it works
  • All this for $19.95
  • You may add weekly phone support for $99. You get 4 calls from Coach Quit
  • Follow-up support newsletter

Compare this system to any on the market and it blows the competition away. This system pays for itself in un-smoked cigarettes during the quit period. You will be out NOTHING no matter what happens! You simply have nothing to lose!

Complete Coach Quit System

Get the E-Book Easy Quit Now, Audio Mp3 file "How to Quit", and 30 Daily emails detailing what to do each day: $19.95

Click Here to Order

Most aids to quit smoking that you will find on the internet are more expensive than this, and you get much less. You usually don't even get a good understanding how to quit. Sometimes that's because they want to keep selling your their products, whether its nicotine replacement, anti-anxiety medicine, or "special" cigarettes. You don't need these things. All you need is a good solid system to quit smoking with.

Don Muller, Author of Easy Quit Now: The easy way to quit smoking.  $14.95 Zannon Press Publishers. Due out by January 2008 will be available at and other major book sellers.

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