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         Easy Quit Now offers many products and services to aid in the cessation of smoking for it's customers. Choose from the many products and

         services available.

Easy Quit Now: Paperback book  

Easy Quit Now: Paperback, Author Don Muller, Zannon Press expected publish date December 2007 $14.95

Easy Quit Now: The easy way to quit smoking is a must read for anyone serious about quitting smoking. It gives you step by step instructions on how to quit smoking cigarettes. It explains every technique it uses and tells you why it is important. Most smokers find it comforting that the system allows you to smoke for the entire 30 days of the program. In addition there is never any quit date set, so there is never any pressures or worry about a looming date to quit forever.

Instead, you simply spend all your time focusing on how to quit. You actually realize that you have quit after you have gone two days putting the first cigarette off. The smoker slowly becomes a non-smoker by doing. Look for this book in January 2008, or check back here.


Easy Quit Now E-Book: Digital PDF format

Easy Quit Now E Book  $9.95 Learn a very simple and easy to follow system to quit smoking with very little effort and little to NO Withdrawals. Let time work on your side, no need to rush to quit. This is the main part of the soon to be released Easy Quit Now: The easy way to quit smoking cigarettes. Book by Don Muller published by Zannon Press.

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Easy Quit MP3 Audi file: Hear exactly how to quit 15 minutes 

Add this MP3 Digital audio file to your ipod, or MP3 player. You can even listen to it on your computer, or burn it to a disk and listen to it in your car cd player. It explains the Easy Quit Now system in an easy to follow way.

All the information you need to quit is here, but we suggest that you get the E-Book as well. $9.95

Email us at easyquitnow@yahoo.com when you have ordered so that we can be sure to send your links.

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Getting the package deal, which includes, this MP3 file,  the E-Book and the Coach Quit series of emails is the best value.


Coach Quit Complete System to Quit Smoking $19.95

Get the complete 30 day Quit Smoking email course using the Easy Quit Now system, right to your email box every day. $9.95 value Others charge up to $25 alone for this service.Get the E-Book Easy Quit Now that explains how to quit smoking, and why this system works. $9.95 valueGet the Audio Mp3 file (15 minutes) that explains the quit smoking process in a very easy to understand and follow way. $9.95 value

Total Price $19.95   Please send an email to easyquitnow@yahoo.com when you have made a purchase, and we will send you your sign up links and download links.


Special Price $99 Coach Quit Phone Consultations:

Receive 4 phone consultations with the Author of the Easy Quit Now system. You can make sure you are on track and receive valuable tips to help you quit smoking. How could quitting smoking get any easier? If you ever wanted to quit smoking, now is the time to do it limited offer.

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